Trip to Eastbourne 2017

On Monday, the second week of the new school year, some students from the classes 10a, 10b and 10c went together with four teachers to Eastbourne in England. The ride with the bus on the first day started early in the morning and it took us the whole day to get there. The bus stopped at a supermarket where our host families picked us up and drove us to our homes for this week.

I do not want to go in detail with the families because every group got another family and they are all different, so some had good expieriences and some not so much. My host family was awesome, they were really nice and it was fun talking to them. It was really nice living with them.

The next day, Tuesday, we went to the seven sisters, Beachy Head, the white cliffs of England. It was really good weather for England and I’m pretty sure everyone was prepared for rain every day. But I can think of only one time it rained. Beachy Head was beautiful and I think everyone had a great time, we took pictures of every class and all together. After that we went to Eastbourne and the teachers gave us questions about the city which we had to answer while we walked around. After that we had time to go by ourselves and look around without searching for answer about the city and buy things or get food. After all of that we went to Beachy Head again and took a walk along the cliffs and then went home to our families.

On Wednesday we went to London. It was for sure the most exciting day of the week because… well it’s London!
First we all went on the London Eye, we had a great view on top of it but sadly you can’t see the Tower Bridge from the London Eye. It was still nice and we could see Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. After that we could go, in groups of three, where we wanted to go. Many just visited the most popular sights like Tower Bridge, Big Ben or Buckingham Palace, my group went to Harry Potter’s platform 9 ¾ and some just went shopping.
I can’t speak for the other students but I was happy when we went home, after all it was a pretty exhausting day, but in a good way!

On Thursday our destination was Brighton. We learned a little bit about the city, the lanes, the pier and more. After that we could go and explore the city like we did in the other two cities, too. Again, most of our classmates went shopping, buying souveniers or went eating. It was our shortest visit to a city so there isn’t really much to say. That night was our last night with the host families.

The next day we got up pretty early, like on the first day and our families drove us back to the supermarket, where they picked us up earlier that week. After some minutes all students arrived and we started our long jouney home, over the channel and through France. Some time around midnight we finally arrived, some of the parents already waiting for their kids. After a long week we all went home and, I can imagine, slept pretty well the next few days.